Sunday, August 9, 2009

Replay the Day goes live

Announcing the very first DataMovie release for the general public. It show's a real time excerpt from the ASX of the top 10 shares (ANZ, BHP, Commonwealth, NAB, QBE, Telstra, Westfield, Westpac, Woodside and Woolworths) traded early on 6th August 2009.

The technology used to create this is still in ongoing development, but we have been running real time analysis of the entire ASX100 for many months - the techniques work really well, we're now at the stage where IP protection and commercialisation are concentrating the mind. The P of POC has been well and truly proven.

Being able to animate many many dimensions of data for any stock we want gives us so much capability it can be overwhelming. For instance the YouTube video shows realtime calculuation and diplsay of of Relative Volume. As far as we are aware this is a world first, the first time that relative volume has been shown live in an animated trading chart. And that really is the tip of ice berg, 20 seconds of YouTube goodness isn't big enough to show what we're capable of, so keep watching.

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