Monday, August 10, 2009

DataMovie a finalist in $100K business competition

Enterprize is a $100K competition for businesses run by the University of Queensland. We found out last week that we've got through to the finals, and the press release made it public today - amazing.

The DataMovie team - Jerry Shea, Colin Cooper and myself created a focussed 8 page summary of the DataMovie idea and UQ clearly liked it. Seeing the competition for the prize it's awe inspiring. We're up against carbon nanotubes, cancer drugs and other great ideas - of course our ideas are hot too, it's just an incredible vote of confidence to be selected. It's upto us now to create the best business plan, pitch and presentation to put ourselves in with a fighting chance of the main prize.

In the meantime thanks to University of Queenlands business school for putting on the competition and giving us the chance to pitch our ideas to so many people - we couldn't wish for a better start.

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