Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Energy Monitors really work

As a purveyor of systems to highlight where the power is going, and ideally change consumer's behaviour we had a dose of our medicine over the last week. I installed an energy meter on Friday. It 'only' shows the total power drawn for our house, installed in 5 minutes, and it's done more for our immediate power awareness than a lifetime of reading. For instance, it immediately found our treatment works pump is drawing 500-1000 watts and it's on for far too long. That's around 25% of our power that we can not monitor more closely and fix. Similarly we're using low power lights in the house, but we have a couple of spots on movement dectors - really useful when unloading the car in the dark - but they're pulling 300-500watts - we need some high light/low power spots.

Like the previous post said - feedback is everything. Get yourself a power meter you will love the results.

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