Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Aussie government builds the fibre network

Before I rant on too much, I'd just like to point out that Telstra, Australia's incumbent telco, are a badly managed monopoly who don't play nicely with anyone - customers, governments Telstra don't care they're rude to all of us.

Now Telstra, for reasons only they really understand, had decided to not pitch for the contract to build Australia's broadband network. That left 3 others in the running, until today. The government has pulled the entire contract and decided to go for a Public Private Partnership, now that just reeks of problems.

1) What does the government know about building a good internet service in Australia - remember this is the same government that's trying to impose mandatory web filtering - they really don't get the whole web thing.

2) By ditching the responses from the other telcos they've let Telstra back in, and pissed off all the other players. Telstra seems to have the most to gain from this decision.

3) If Telstra are involved, that means great tech hampered by one of the most belligerent corporations in Australia - and that's a hard thing to win, we know all about dodgy governance and shady dealings - AWB anyone.

Bottom line is this could be really good, but smacks off long term problems.

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