Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Money Clock

I'm pretty active on StackOverflow, and answered a question recently about useful software tools you've created. My answer was the money clock, it shows money rather than time, and I used it to keep focussed at work, I wanted to create a meeting version, where all people in the meeting would know how much it was costing. As the pounds/dollars mounted up it would have been a great way of keeping things focussed. Of course there's a massive privacy issue, and it never got off the ground.

The idea has garnered a fair amount of support on SO, and I was wondering if anyone could code it up on the IPhone. Would it be possible to share the total cost without identifying exactly how much each person was earning, could it be linked to SMS, can multiple IPhones share the same application and communicate with each other - please let me know.

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